Just got the Rufe spinner this afternoon and I am overwhelmingly impressed beyond words. If spinners could be compared to wrist watches………….. You craft Rolexes!! And most certainly, I will send photos and give you credit every chance I get. This was well worth the wait and I can’t wait to see it on my project. Many many thanks!
G. Dupont

CA-15 Model Plane Custom Spinner

Hi Graham,

Finally found the time to take the CA-15 out to the field for some photos. Unfortunately it was too windy to risk a test flight.
Everyone admires your workmanship. Thanks again for a magnificent job.

John McLennan

Nimrod Model Plane Custom Spinner

Hi Graham,
I have attached photo of Hawker Nimrod with your spinner attached.
Model not quite finished, but I am very pleased with the spinner.
Highly recommended,